Knowledge is power.

Access the market’s most comprehensive and innovative data assets to power critical business decisions.

Work with a trusted partner that can help you harness the power of data to stay ahead.

We help you achieve:

  • More informed, fairer and inclusive decisions
  • Access to new customers, previously rejected
  • Better lending and product strategies
  • A more comprehensive view of your customer (and prospect) base

How we do it

The range and integrity of our data is unrivalled in the marketplace.

Combining traditional bureau data, trended and alternative data means we can help you make better, more inclusive decisions throughout the customer relationship.

And now, with access to over 98% of consented current account data, we can get a much better picture of what a customer can afford too.

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PSD2 and Open Banking

Better insights for more informed affordability decisions

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Check within 1 second your customers e-identity, fraud risks and creditworthiness

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ID Check

Get your customers on-board faster and be confident in meeting your compliance needs

Credit Check

Understand how your customers credit can look like


collection process and fraud investigation of consumers

Our capabilities

We’re able to power opportunities for businesses thanks to our market-leading integrated capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

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Intelligent Decisions

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Trusted Identity

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Smart Insights

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