Digital Onboarding: Be fast (not furious)

For organisations ranging from e-commerce to financial services, there’s one key to keeping customers happy (and loyal): swift, seamless, and satisfying customer-centric onboarding. You can win competitive advantage and differentiate your business by treating your customers better…but speed is of the essence. Implementing a faster and easier onboarding process, and applying analytics, machine learning and AI, enable you to consistently offer the most appropriate products to a customer’s specific needs of the moment.

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Customer-centricity is driving investment

Business recognises the need for customer-centricity. Here are some of the results of the recent Experian-commissioned Forrester Report ‘Innovation, smart data and the drive to customer-centricity’:

  • 75% of C-level decision-makers surveyed said that ensuring a seamless customer experience is a very high priority;
  • 71% want to ensure they consistently offer personalized products to their customers;
  • 80% flagged customer experience and automation as key areas of interest, with more than half (42%) saying they plan to implement automation in the coming year;
  • 57% increased their budget for advanced analytics to remain competitive and increase customer-centricity.

Starting your digital transformation journey

Getting started on a digital transformation journey can be a challenge. Here are some overarching challenges and needs Experian has identified:

Challenge                                                                                  Need

Poor customer experience is hindering acquisition.         Differentiated, friction free, customer journeys.

Banks struggle to integrate onboarding capabilities.        Consistent integrated processes without increasing complexity and cost.

Regulatory and market changes restrict scalability.          Flexibility and agility to respond to changing customer, regulatory and market risks.

Experian has developed an innovative, fast and scalable end-to-end Digital Onboarding solution that is ideal for many organisations: it is a turnkey solution that can be customized to the specific needs of a firm. It enables each organisation to design, develop, deploy and improve its digital onboarding processes, as it manages risk and optimizes every step of your customer’s journey. It can even help you to win back customers you may have lost.


Find out how our onboarding solutions can help you:

  • Reduce time and friction to onboard
  • Identify and reduce fraud
  • Improve data capture
  • Achieve due diligence

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Why choose Experian for Digital Onboarding?

For over 30 years, Experian has been managing and enriching customer data to help organisations make better credit decisions.


Shaping the future of data, analytics and technology

  • One of Forbes’ ‘ World’s most innovative companies’ for five years running.
  • We have 300 analytics experts and more than 3000 data modelers, engineers and scientists working at our DataLabs.
  • We’ve invested $4.5 m in 20 social innovation projects in the last five years.
  • We’ve invested $100 million in technology over the last few years.
  • More than 300 issued and pending patents.


Unique data sets & modelling tools available on demand and in real time

  • We have a choice of access methods (e.g. APIs and SaaS) so you set the pace.
  • Digital authentication of customers can happen in moments.
  • We bring data and insight to life quickly and easily, so you can act fast.


Unmatched scalability, resource capacity and security on a truly global scale. Scale

  • Local market presence across EMEA.
  • We operate 18 consumer bureau and 11 business credit bureau worldwide.
  • We hold credit history data on more than one billion individuals worldwide and 145 million businesses.
  • We have global expertise and reach, combined with local market focus. (Supporting 12,000 clients in 80+ countries).
  • Experian uses best in class data security technology and processes, which allow us to safely use internal and external data.
  • Rank 13th in “Fintech Forwards” ranking of largest specialist vendors of technology and technology related  services to financial institutions
  • Currently working with clients on best practice digital onboarding projects in over 25 countries across the globe.