Analytics on demand: Rise to the level of your data


There’s more data available every single minute.  In fact 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. It’s well understood that more data brings more opportunity. To what extent are you able to take advantage of this flood of data? To realise the potential, you need to be able to extract the relevant insight. Thus Experian Ascend: a revolutionary analytics platform that delivers real time insights.

How to use all that data? Analytics on demand.

All this new data is actually an embarrassment of riches for many organisations. Our research across businesses globally revealed that just 35% of businesses were able to use analytics to extract insight from their data set. Four in ten businesses admitted they were struggling to cope with the volume and complexity of data. Half said they weren’t able to use their data to drive decision making, while 71% named enhancing their analytics capability as a top priority for their business.  So, business knows that data analytics can help them translate all this data into ways to boost competitive advantage with new market insights, more effective strategies, risk management and improved customer relationships.

The question for many organisations is ‘How?’ How to gain access to advanced analytics, that can easily, swiftly translate and extract the full potential of the data available to them, into relevant and targeted insight?

It’s time to Ascend.

Experian Ascend:  The power of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management – in your hands

The innovation of Experian has extended to a new, and revolutionary platform: Ascend. This is a powerful, secure, on demand analytics environment that delivers real time insights. These insights enable you and your organisation to evaluate critical business decisions quickly, and with confidence. The many sources of data Experian has available  – including bureaux data and alternative data – offer a broad spectrum of specific insight. And the analytics tools that are part of the Ascend platform enable you to build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis. In real time.

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Extract the full potential of your data and discover new opportunities with Ascend: Analytics on Demand