Experian: A Market Leader in 2019 CRM Awards!

Experian is delighted to have been chosen as a Market Leader in the 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards, presented by CRM Magazine.

Experian rising: From ‘the One to Watch’ to Market Leader!

In the 2018 CRM Market Leader Awards, Experian was named ‘the one to watch’  by the editors of CRM Magazine. Here’s what they have to say about our rise in the ranking in the 2019 CRM Awards:

‘Experian, last year’s one to watch, takes its rightful place this year on the leaderboard, propelled by scores of 3.7 in both depth of functionality and customer satisfaction. The company, which has long standing as a consumer credit reporting company and purveyor of information on more than 1 billion people and businesses worldwide, knows a thing or two about data.’

About the CRM Market Leader Awards

The Awards focus on the best data quality software and solutions. In the full article, the editors of CRM Magazine describe today’s market and the reason for the Awards:  ‘Data quality software analyzes stored information to identify incorrect, incomplete, inconsistent, or improperly formatted data. As the technology has matured, some vendors have added capabilities to cleanse or correct data by deleting, modifying, appending, reformatting, or merging faulty elements.

‘The market, which is valued at about $2 billion globally, is rapidly being changed by government privacy initiatives (like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act, which will be taking effect in 2020), security concerns, and changing use cases. The market is also seeing a shift from purely back-office functions to more strategic, revenue-generating ones. Companies are looking for more robust software suites capable of performing valuable business intelligence and targeted marketing and transforming silos of individual touchpoints into integrated multichannel contact data.’

Experian’s reputation for depth of functionality, company direction, customer satisfaction, and 5-year cost of software/maintenance were the criteria evaluated for the 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards.

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