Experian NL:We LOVE VOLUNTEERING and Jong Ondernemen!

Experian NL: We LOVE VOLUNTEERING (and winning community bids!)

For the 3rd year in a row, Experian in The Hague has won the Community Charity Bid– and as in the two previous years, the Dutch non-profit organisation Jong Ondernemen (JO) will be the recipient of the USD$25K grant. To celebrate the win, and the overall We LOVE VOLUNTEERING initiative at Experian, representatives of Jong Ondernemen came to Experian’s offices to present the successes resulting from our sponsorship over the past 2.5 years, and to look forward to our impact for JO over the coming year.

Jong Ondernemen, a mighty undertaking

Jong Ondernemen (in English: Young & Entrepreneurial) is an Amsterdam-based non-profit. Through a variety of programmes aimed at Dutch students ranging from grade-school to university level, JO teaches entrepreneurial skills.

“It’s not about becoming an entrepreneur specifically,” said JO General Director Mariolein van der Plas about JO’s  programmes in her presentation to Experian employees. “It’s about developing the entrepreneurial attitude – qualities like creativity, collaboration, initiative and confidence – that prepare students for their future work, and the future of work,” she said. This attitude is essential, as 65% of current students will “work in jobs that don’t even exist yet,” noted Mariolein. The entrepreneurial attitude will help them succeed in the uncertain, rapidly-shifting, and unpredictable working world fueled by innovation.

Proud to be passionate: Experian people

One of the unique characteristics of the Experian people who have contributed to JO programmes as coaches, jury members, and speakers is their passion, according to Annet Kloprogge, who is in charge of Programme Development for JO. “You are all so passionate about what you do – and it’s not easy to talk about data with passion!,” she said during her portion of the JO presentation. “But you really bring the depth, the fun, and yes the passion for what you do, to our programmes.”

On winning the Community Bid for the third time, Naomi Hardeveld, Sr. HR Business Partner at Experian and Country CR Champion for the Netherlands, was unbridled in her enthusiasm. “Obviously I love to win!,” she said. “But it’s more than just winning the Community Bid. This is a win-win: in the long term we invest in youth, and those young people could be future employees or business partners of Experian.”

Naomi also mentioned, with pride, the fact that there are so many people with a passion for helping others, and giving for the sheer joy of it, in Experian’s The Hague office. “I’m really proud about the feedback from our employees,” she said. “Now that people have worked with JO and have experienced how big our impact is, and how driven the students are, their enthusiasm has grown even greater.”
The feedback from the students has also been priceless. “Those students are enthusiastic about Experian! That allows us to realise that the knowledge we have as a group here is significant, and that we’re not just working away in a silo – we realise how much we can teach these young people. And according to the feedback from the students, we are doing a really great job.”


The grants received after winning the community bids over the past several years has allowed Experian The Netherlands to build a satisfying and significant partnership with Jong Ondernemen. But in many less formal ways, volunteering is in our DNA. You can truly say, We LOVE VOLUNTEERING! Members of Experian’s The Hague office frequently get together to volunteer their energy for the community – to clean up the beach at Scheveningen, for example, or in the run-up to Christmas, cleaning and decorating at the local Salvation Army shelters for kids and for teenage mothers.

This is beyond a corporate CR scheme. This is the quality of humanity that makes working at Experian an endeavour of – yes – depth, passion, and fun.