Dec. 2021 | Webinars |

During Q4 2021, Experian held a series of seven webinars on working data-driven and how to actively use data when it comes to your customers and the customer journey. You can now watch these webinars again to stay ahead of the competition and Level Up your customer journey!

The relationship between your company and your customers is more than just a series of discrete, one-off activities. The value of your customer journey is what drives loyalty and increased revenues at every point of interaction.  Your customer journey provides an opportunity for a positive experience but for many organizations this has become increasingly complex. Keeping pace with changing regulatory policies, more demanding customers, and dynamic market conditions has become a major strain.

Each of the webinars has its own focus area, all of which address specific areas of the customer journey and how this can be optimised with different types of data. The following topics were covered during this webinar series:

  1. Level Up – Your decision strategies – Part I
  2. Level Up – Your customer originations process 
  3. Level Up – Your customer relationships
  4. Level Up – Your Collections management
  5. Level Up – Your decision strategies – Part II
  6. Level Up – Your knowledge – The PowerCurve Road Map
  7. Level Up – Your AI and ML capabilities
Level Up Your Customer Journey

Level Up Your Customer Journey

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