Feb. 2023 | Events |

Data is a key resource to drive growth and maintain a strong customer engagement in most companies. There is an expanding use of data driven insights which is very positive, but the value of the data driven decisions you take is very dependent on the quality of the data you use.

  • Do you know how good or how bad your data quality is?
  • Can you easily find and fix data quality issues?
  • Are you planning to migrate any data sources to new platforms?

On February 28th, we hosted a webinar to help businesses understand the real impacts of good quality data vs. bad quality data. Watch a recording of this webinar to find out the benefits of using Experian Aperture Data Studio – our self-service data platform for data quality and data enrichment.

In this 30-minute webinar, our Experian consultants Jennifer Rowe and Jon Marius Bru touch upon how you can:

  • Optimize your existing data and overcome data-inconsistencies
  • Gain greater customer insight and Single Customer View
  • Manage and validate data

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