Data Management Services and Consultancy

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Consultancy Services

An accurate, holistic, and up to date view of your customers will enable you to make intelligent, data-driven, decisions. But, the volume, variety, and veracity of data the average organisation holds, means even a seemingly simple data management project can uncover tricky challenges. This is why it is so valuable to tackle these projects with people that have experience of turning data challenges into data opportunities.

That’s where we come in. Whether you need to: integrate a data quality tool into an application; scope and execute a data migration project; evaluate and improve your data strategy; or clean and enhance your data as a service - we offer a range of flexible data management services, delivered by experts.

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Product Training and Integration Services

When you've finally managed to secure budget for a brand new data management tool, the first thing you will be looking for is a quick return on that investment. The best way to do so is to get fully up to speed with all of its features, as quickly as possible - so you can really take control of your data.

Our product training will help you master our products and integration services will support your developers in integrating our products into any website, platform or application.

Single Customer View

Make trusted decisions and improve engagement based on a single view of your customers. We help you build the most complete, accurate, consistent and holistic Single Customer View available today using our 4 step process - Investigate, Assess, Improve, and Control.

Work with us to build your SCV today and start benefiting from improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency, fraud identification and decisioning, and regulatory compliance.

Data Strategy

Developing a coherent data strategy can be a challenge for most organisations. We help you develop and align your long-term plan of action around data management with your organisation's key objectives, whether that be around increasing customer engagement, driving increased profitability, or reducing risk.

We assess your data quality, evaluate your processes, and prioritise your data to form the foundations of your Data Strategy Roadmap, outlining and prioritising key recommendations and next steps.

Data Governance

The volume, variety and veracity of data the average business holds is higher than ever and is continuing to grow, making meeting the requirements of data regulations (such as the GDPR) increasingly difficult.

Experian offers support to help you improve and regain control of your data throughout your organisation in line with your own governance policies through proactive preparation and up-to-date data.

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