Telecommunications data and marketing

Find out how streamlining your data, refining communications and improving your data organisation could be the key to making your business safer, smoother and more profitable.

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Discover the power of clear data

With ever-increasing competition in the telco market, attracting new customers and maintaining the loyalty of your existing subscribers is imperative. To do this you need to know your customer and give them the best experience possible.


Of potential customers drop out of online applications.


Of businesses do not employ a single customer view.


More customers can be accepted for finance given our insights.

How can Experian help?

Find out below how Experian can help you streamline your sales procedures, remove risk from your transactions, treat every customer fairly and enhance your back-end processes.

Simplify your sales process

Whichever telecommunications sector you’re in, your business likely offers a host of products, tariffs and services. Marketing these in the right way to the right people is the key to offering your customers a superior experience.

Uncover customer risk

The market is changing, and that’s driven by customers. Improving your data analysis means you can spot potential defaults, protect your bottom line, and help your customers, too.

Meet regulatory requirements

Regulations demand that your telco maintain certain data standards, particularly regarding unpaid bills, but meeting these requirements can be demanding on your resources without appropriate tools and techniques.

Supercharge your data

Better technology means better business. Boosting your data technology makes for far more efficient processes, helps establish stronger security, and offers opportunities you couldn’t find otherwise.

Customers expect things to be easy, so a difficult application process is not exactly the ideal first step. If you’re offering credit, a platform like Experian’s PowerCurve decision management suite can help reduce friction by automating decision-making around the clock – and with a proper understanding of your risk appetite, it can also help you offer the right packages to the right customer.