E-commerce data and solutions

Whatever your business needs, Experian’s data-led solutions are here to help improve your customer journey, reduce fraud and boost profits.

No one makes sense of data like we do

Data is a key factor to increasing your profitability, managing risk, improving productivity, delivering excellent customer service and remaining compliant. By combining your own customer records with Experian’s own rich data sources, you’ll improve outcomes across your entire business.

E-commerce Fraud Risk and Protection

Experian offers a fast, simple and unique solution: the eCommerce Check. A product that distinguishes itself from other products in terms of performance, speed and reliability. Within 1 second you can check your customer e-Identity, fraud risks and creditworthiness.

E-commerce Advanced Analytics

Benchmark your business within the e-commerce market with Experian's eCommerce Insights to help you understand how well you are performing compared to others in the market. It will enable you to identify opportunities or threats and alter your strategy accordingly.