Debt Defence

Managing delinquency, collections and recovery creates four areas of challenges for organisations

The primary financial aim of collections is clearly to safeguard the interests of the organisation by reducing arrears. losses and bad debt. ​

However, like other business areas, collections departments face the ongoing challenge of delivering “more for less” by increasing operational collections effectiveness whilst simultaneously reducing costs. ​

Creating a positive customer experience is now very much an essential part of collections as more than half of people would switch if they experienced bad debt collection processes. ​

Finally, there is the regulatory dimension. Reducing levels of underperforming and non-performing loans will have a direct impact on capital provisioning requirements and. by association, help release capital back into the business.​

Financial Challenges​

  • Reducing bottom line losses and costs ​

  • Protecting portfolio profitability​

Operational​ Challenges​

  • Reducing roll rates across collections ​

  • Improving collections and recovery efficiency ​

Customer​ Challenges​

  • Engaging customers through personalised digital journeys ​

  • Settling arrears ahead of the competition​

Regulatory​ Challenges​

  • Reducing levels of non-performing loan​s

  • Improving capital estimation and provisioning accuracy​

How debt defence can help address these challenges?

Debt defence will enable you to develop and operationalise a more comprehensive, forward looking view of risk across the delinquency and collections lifecycle.​

We enable you to leverage multiple data sources along with traditional and machine learning analytical techniques to create a wide range of predictive analytical models and strategies. ​

We then deploy, automate and monitor these models and strategies within the operational environment to drive differentiated and personalised decisioning treatments within a scalable low cost operating model. ​

In this way we help clients overcome the identified financial, operational, regulatory and customer challenges whilst simultaneously accelerating the time to value across the delinquency and debt lifecycle.

What will debt defence mean for your business?​

Pre-​ collections early warning​

Maximise prevention ​

  • Identify financial vulnerability and intervene earlier​

  • Reduce flows into collections and levels of provisioning​

  • Align regulatory risk with pre-collections and collections operations​


Early collections management​

Take action faster ​ ​

  • Leverage data and advanced analytics within personalised customer treatments​

  • Empower consumers to self-cure  through multi-channel, digital, instant payment options​

  • Reduce roll rates into mid and late-stage collections​

Mid and late stage collections management​

​Improve efficiency ​ ​ ​

  • Increase collections effectiveness in more complex cases​

  • Automate modelling and visualisation of payment plans and debt restructures​

  • Automate customer segmentation and workflows​


Legal, debt sale and placement​

Maximize recovery

  • Enhance the efficiency of in- house recovery processes​

  • Optimise the timing and profitability of using 3rd party recovery agents 

Continuous​ Improvement​

Intelligent strategy optimization

  • Leverage the value of decisioning outcomes by refining and improving models and scorecards​

  • Enhance risk management across the lifecycle whilst simultaneously deepening customer relationships​

  • Uncover new areas of market opportunity within poorly served or underserved segments​

Debt Defence Overview​

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Early Warning System​

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