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Experian Fraudnet

Online application fraud protection

Your customers want to talk to you and use your services online. With the convenience of online account opening comes a new threat of digital fraud. Applicants don’t want their process interrupted but need to be protected from these threats. Our FraudNet solution has been created for the online environment, identifying fraud risks without any impact on your genuine applicants.

Who's it for?

Any organisation who accepts account opening applications through digital channels.

Key features

  • Avoiding interruptions to your genuine applicant by accurately identifying fraud indicators and level of risk
  • Interest rates, drivers of credit markets and inflation
  • Optimise the way you verify identities and screen for fraud so that you do not lengthen or disrupt the journey for your genuine customers.
  • Quickly acting to stop a fraud attempt with early detection
  • Better understand fraud risks across online channels including the rapidly growing mobile channel

How it works

FraudNet, from 41st Parameter, an Experian Company, identifies every device visiting your site without the use of any tags or objects and uses the device intelligence to highlight fraud indicators including inconsistencies and multiple transactions from a single device. It can differentiate individual devices regardless of past activity, credentials presented or the connection used, which can often be spoofed.

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