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Win and Retain More Customers with Fast, Smart and Seamless Digital Onboarding

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Win and Retain More Customers with Fast, Smart and Seamless Digital Onboarding

Your customers don’t expect anything less than a high-quality online experience. They want the right product, at the right time – and as quickly as possible. So why keep them waiting?

Fast, smart and seamless customer onboarding reduces risk to you, safeguards your business and drives growth.

As a strategic partner, we can help you win more customers by reducing reliance on paper-based applications, while ensuring risk is continually eased.

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How we can help you

Comprehensive risk management

Digital onboarding will automatically link to all your existing data sources.

The collected data is made available to our strategy management decision engine so that credit scoring, your credit policies including risk pricing, exception management and referral management can all be managed in one place.

This gives you an automated, real-time credit risk assessment for immediate decisions.


Digital Onboarding comes already with an optimized user interface and customer journey.

Regular post-launch performance analysis allows to improve further the process:

- Assessment of thousands of video playback, event data, user interaction insights

- Data reviewed by professional UX personnel experienced in digital onboarding projects across 25+ countries, including:

Customer sentiment, Pain-points, Recommended experiments to run, Impact assessment of previous experiments, efficient referral management and much more.

Fast and smart delivery

Digital Onboarding combines knowledge from all our credit and risk management products. From concept, to design and delivery, we offer a proven turnkey solution, which can be easily customised for your organisation’s specific needs. It comes equipped with:

- UX design to replicate brand across every touch point

- Risk management rules designed to meet the institution’s requirements;

- Integration with data and 3rd party services.

Seamless customer onboarding

Digital onboarding is designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience, allowing you to step into your customers’ shoes. 

How does your customer experience digital onboarding? 

A typical journey for a loan application would look like the image below:

Digital Onboarding typical journey for loan application

How can our Digital Onboarding solutions work for you?

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Digital Onboarding: Be fast (not furious)


Digital Onboarding Whitepaper


Dynamic decision management

Our capabilities

We’re able to power opportunities for businesses thanks to our market-leading integrated capabilities.

Advanced Analytics

Create unique insight that you can act on in real-time, using our dynamic analytics services and the best of yours and our data assets.

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Intelligent Decisions

Make fast, effective decisions based on new and existing customers through our powerful combination of data, analytics and technology.

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Trusted Identity

Identify genuine customers promptly and seamlessly to provide them with a simple, effortless onboarding journey with you.

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Smart Insights

Access the market’s most comprehensive and innovative data assets to power critical business decisions.

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