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In the Netherlands, the Landelijke Econometristendag or National Econometricians Day (LED for short) is the largest annual event for students in the fields of econometrics, operations research and actuarial sciences. Each year over 800 students from the Netherlands’ six econometrics study associations come to LED to engage in a variety of academic and networking activities, and to explore their career possibilities, and get in contact with potential future employers. Experian, for example!

On 6 February 2020, Veronica Flyckt (Head of Analytics and Site Manager for Experian NL) and Davide Boselli (EMEA Regulatory Analytics Senior Manager) were in attendance at LED 2020, which was held at the NBC in Utrecht. It was the first time Experian has been present at LED – but given the large number of talented young econometricians, Veronica is already looking forward to LED 2021.

Committed to meeting the best and brightest talent

“It was great to be at LED 2020, and we intend to come back for LED 2021. LED is such a popular event it was actually sold out – this year we were lucky to be able to take part in the recruitment dinner, during which we had interesting conversations with talented and ambitious students. Davide and I could explain quite a lot about Experian one-on-one with our table mates. They were very eager, very interested in knowing more about what we’re doing at Experian.”

Meeting and acquiring top young talent is a focus for any business. LED is an event ideally aligned with Experian’s specific focus: finding the next generation of data scientists.

“We’re committed to meeting bright young people, and LED proved to be an excellent step in this direction,” says Veronica. “These students understand what we’re doing. They are exactly the right audience. Even if they don’t come to work for us directly, they will know what Experian stands for.”