Feb. 2023 | News | Advanced Analytics, Data

Laying the foundations for accurate contact data

Over the last few years, data management has become more and more important to organisations. Having trustworthy data replaces that gut-feeling and drives innovation, customer experience, and decision-making, while also reducing operational risk and negative impact to reputation. More companies are investing in people, processes, and data technology to ensure they have reliable and accurate customer data to make better and faster decisions for business growth.

Experian’s research has shown that 85 percent of organisations indicate that poor-quality contact data for customers negatively impacts their operational processes and efficiency and, in turn, hinders the chances of being flexible and agile. Poor-quality data has a ripple effect as do operational issues. When we consider the specific areas where bad data has an impact, our study uncovers wasted resources and additional costs (42%), negative affects to the customer experience (39%), and damage to the reliability of and trust in analytics (38%).

Data accuracy is the cornerstone to success—without it, organisations will continue to rely on that gut feeling and pass up the opportunity to make better and faster decisions for business growth. To create a robust quality data management process, we have created a best-practice guide that considers the 5 stages of data quality management. Find out how you can ensure data quality with Aperture Data Studio.

Download our tipsheet and discover how to take control of your data with our data quality management solutions to improve performance and strengthen customer insights.

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