Taking our responsibilities seriously

Community Involvement

We help millions of people gain access to essential, everyday services by helping them make the most of their data by Improving financial identities and access to credit, providing credit and financial education and tackling unmanageable debt among vulnerable groups. We define our responsibility as playing an active part in social and economic regeneration in our communities, at a local, national and global level. And we have many motivations for this engagement.

Our relationships

Experian, like all companies, depends on a network of relationships with individuals and other organisations - from suppliers to employees, from local councils to voluntary associations. The way our business behaves affects these relationships and the better our relationships are, the more our business thrives. So involving ourselves in our local communities makes good business sense and is good for society.

A community focus

Our community focus encapsulates our ambition to use our resources, our people and the unique information and skills that we have as part of our day-to-day business, to identify and develop innovative, effective ways to support our communities across the world.

Find out more about our community involvement activities:

  • Employee Volunteering

    Experian realises that its people's talents go beyond their achievements in the workplace and supports personal and professional development through the volunteering scheme which allows all our people to take three days a year to volunteer. Volunteering opportunities range from one-off projects, on-going activities to team challenges.

  • Partnerships

    Experian supports community partnerships that best fit our strategic objectives, further enhance our reputation and are in line with our Community Involvement strategy.

    Financial donations are made, from Experian, to support community groups and charities. This is rarely something we do in isolation; a donation is frequently tied in to a programme of involvement that uses our business expertise, our volunteering capability and gift in kind.

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