Business credit insights

Getting a complete picture of your customer’s financial well-being is essential before extending any type of credit. You can reduce your risk when lending to businesses if you can trust on accurate market predictions.

It is essential for business success to have accurate and reliable customer data in their database. Clean and trusted data can save your organisation valuable resources, boost employee morale in your business systems, and furthermore improve your customers’ experience.

Assess the risks of businesses

Successful commercial credit management is all about balance. On the one hand, you need to identify and capitalise on opportunities for growth. On the other, however, you need to mitigate risks and avoid bad debts. To attain this insight efficiently, you need detailed insight that can help you weigh up the options.

Based on public data and self-developed models, Experian assesses the credit status of SMEs in the Netherlands on a quarterly basis. These reports contain an evaluation of the past quarter and provide a reliable outlook on the trends we can expect to see.

Over the last two years, Experian has been able to provide you with accurate predictive data. Read the latest reports below or contact us if you want to find out how you can fully leverage your database with trustworthy records.

Data quality solutions

Data needs to be cared for just like other key business assets. But our research shows 30% of businesses suspect their customer data is inaccurate. That’s where data cleansing comes in. It’s a bit like housekeeping for your records. As a world leader in data quality software and services, we can help you clean your data regularly or as a one-off job, so it’s correct, complete and not duplicated.

The quality of your data drives the performance of your organisation and keeping your data in tip-top condition helps you unlock its value. Clean data saves you time and money, creates new business opportunities and protects your reputation.

Improve decision making

Make smarter and quicker business decisions by having accurate and complete data at your fingertips.

Save time and money

Target customer care and communication at your best customers to maximise returns, minimise losses and reduce waste.

Better understand your customers

Plug gaps and add to your existing client data, so you get a complete view of your customers and win new business.

How Experian can help

Web Data Insights is the solution deployed by Experian in business customer management.

Business Customer Management & Early Collections Batches

  • Increase insight of Credit Risk Current portfolio
  • Active Credit Limit Management
  • Set (Early) Collections Strategy
  • Reduce bad debt in SME portfolio
  • Input for Early Warning Systems as per EBA guidelines

In this scenario we look at a batch enrichment for B2B credit portfolios. This will support portfolio risk segmentation and expose those businesses which require extra attention, or with credit limits that need to be tightened. Early collections strategies are set to make sure the best individual strategy is taken if a client enters collections. Predicts debt at risk and reserves required