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Want to find and control risk in your SME portfolio – simply, quickly, accurately?

Gain swift, accurate insights into your SME portfolio with our Portfolio Health Web Data Check. Powered by Web Data Insights

As a trusted partner to our customers, Experian is now offering an innovative Portfolio Health Web Data Check to help you assess new risks in your SME portfolio. Traditionl data gathering and analysis methods to measure impact on your client portfolio are no longer enough to determine positive or negative effects accurately.

For a more accurate view, complete your portfolio health view with our innovative Portfolio Health Web Data Check.

Our Portfolio Health Web Data Check is a premium report which uses the game-changing, granular insights derived from our Web Data Insights solution – based on fresh web data so impacts can be measured instantly. You can  quickly identify which of your clients may be affected by the pandemic. That gives you the chance to proactively protect your business and handle ‘risky’ clients in the right way.

Are you looking to manage risk in your SME portfolios?

Currently SMEs account for less than 10%* of the current customer base of nearly half of all firms (43%). By 2021, 39% of firms expect SMEs to make up more than 21% of their customer base. However, lack of data and insight creates multiple challenges: 

  • Difficulty in identifying higher quality SMEs
  • Limited data available
  • Complex service requirements (managing high default risk, meeting diverse needs, pricing implications)
  • Unclear portfolio classification - Retail or Corporate ?

New data and insights help unlock value across your customers'  lifecycle without changing overall risk appetite. 

* Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Experian, August 2018. Base: 705 global managers/directors with responsibility or influence over customer data, analytics, risk, and SME services. 

About Web Data Insights

Experian is proud to present our innovative Web Data-based Business Application Risk Score solution Web Data Insights (WDI). WDI uses machine learning and advanced data science to generate entirely new predictive data variables. This results in models that enable you to add a new dimension to your credit risk management across the end customer cycle (while you can expect to be fully compliant).

For example, by combining WDI with traditional Business Data a 36% reduction in rejections or a 37% reduction in defaults is possible.

Web Hit Rate
Boosting Traditional Scores
High Predictive Power
Real time response

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How does it work?

Our comprehensive end-to-end WDI solution acquires new non traditional data insights. It covers web crawling, site classification, text mining, segmentation analysis and machine learning models. Each account from a pre-defined sample is analysed, and searched for on the internet with publicly-available information collected – an automated process known as ‘crawling’ or web data scraping.

Information is then classified under various categories by sophisticated text mining algorithms, before meaningful and relevant information is converted into usable data. From there, differing text mining and sentiment analysis methods can be applied to order unstructured data and create a fresh base of predictive variables. 

Web Data Insights assess customer behaviour through on-line presence measurement. It enables companies to add value to their existing matrix for portfolio evaluation. 

New Gen BI

The Benefits for You

  • Prospects and monitoring - Develop new segmentation models
  • Originations - Early opportunity models - take best applicants out of the market earlier and automate processes and reduce costs
  • Customer Management - Pro-active credit limit modelling to reflect changing customer needs
  • Collections - Accurate early warning systems (EWS)

The SME Opportunity

  • Differentiated services
  • Revenue growth
  • Potential for high lifetime customer value - evolving SME customer needs and strong cross sales and up-sales potential
  • Enhanced reputation and brand

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Web data insights for SMEs – Optimising non-traditional data to improve credit risk decisioning


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