Credit Risk Analysis Software

Experian Credit 3D

For a full view of customer credit risk, you need more than a credit score.

Credit 3D brings traditional bureau credit scores, alternative and open data together with the latest data science, machine learning and advanced analytics techniques to build a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and accurate picture of your customer credit portfolio.

Through these smarter insights, our innovative Credit 3D suite means you can make the right decisions, at the right time, for the right consumer and business customers.

We combine our advanced analytics techniques and machine learning capabilities with data available to us through Open Banking and our core credit bureau to produce transformational insights into customer expenditure, habits and preference. In seconds, credit providers can make accurate and robust decisions to grow top-line revenues and reduce bottom-line costs across the customer credit lifecycle.

See how Credit 3D supports each stage of the credit lending lifecycle.

Engage and convert new customers

Get to know your new customers and provide the best onboarding experience by making fast and accurate decisions. Access a comprehensive range of both traditional and non-traditional data to build a multi-dimensional and robust view of your customers eligibility and capacity to afford credit. In turn, you can help your customers select the best product for their needs based on their affordability, and you can assess risk and enhance your processes for intelligent and responsible decisions in near real-time.

Understand your customer risk profile

Assess affordability

Help your customer choose the right product for them

Set your pricing

Enhance operational efficiency

Experian Affordability and Categorisation

Assess Customer Affordability

Make more accurate decisions and understand your customers’ ability to afford your products and services by obtaining a clear view of customers’ disposable income.

Experian Transactional Data Insights

Widen Financial Inclusion

Build a multi-dimensional view of customers with little credit history without taking on increased risk, by uncovering behavioural insights from open banking / PSD2 transactional data.

Web Data Insights for SME

Optimise SME Credit Decisioning

Accelerate and improve the accuracy of credit decisioning for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) through the acquisition of new data variables and scores.

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Enhanced customer management

Our smart insights cover multiple data variables which we use to give you a rich, single view of your customers as well as a long term predictive view. With this insight, you’re able to manage your customers throughout their time with you, optimising your ability to highlight opportunities and risk based on individual affordability for consumer or business customers.

Understand your current customer portfolio

Manage risk and capital

Manage customer credit limits

Automate renewals and offers

Inform your marketing activities for targeted campaigns

Experian Transactional Data Insights

Categorise Existing Customer Transactions

Uncover opportunities to extend credit by gaining a comprehensive view of your customers’ behaviours and preferences through categorised transactions and machine learning. Enable more effective marketing of the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Experian Categorisation-as-a-service

Augment Transactional Data Insights with Open Banking Data

Augment existing predictive scores with further in-depth insight into your customers’ income and expenditure behaviours using customer consented open banking data from other institutions.

Experian Data and Analytics Consultancy

Optimise Portfolio Profitability and Risk

Improve overall profitability and risk management for both your individual consumer and SME credit portfolios with our data and analytics consultancy services.

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Repayments and collections

By combining multiple data sources to get the richest understanding of an individuals’ or businesses’ borrowing and repayment behaviours, we can help you predict and tailor your collections process and preserve and protect your customer relationship.

Flag early signs of stress

Optimise collections pathways

Automate collections processes

Flag potentially vulnerable and high-risk customers

Increase recovery rates

Experian Affordability

Acquire Transactional Data Insights to Improve Collections

Use existing transactional data to create scores to predict collectability across your existing customer portfolio.

Experian Web Data Insights for SME

Blend Collections Data Insights

Blend predictive data variables from traditional data and non-traditional data to uncover new behavioural insights. Create new models of customer fragility to enable pro-active intervention and faster resolution.

Experian Transactional Data Insights

Enhance SME Collections

Identify early warning signs of financial difficulty within your SME portfolio by collecting publicly available web data. Convert these into accurate and meaningful risk indicators to make more informed collections management decisions.

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Powered by Open Banking

Open Banking


Open Banking has provided an accessible gateway to transactional data for trusted companies, like us. Adding this data to our existing data sets and using our powerful analytics tools, we’re able to build a full picture of an individual or business so you have all of the information you need to make the right decisions for your business and your customer.