eCommerce Advanced Analytics

Benchmark your business within the eCommerce market

Benchmark your business within the eCommerce market

Experian eCommerce Insights is especially developed for Risk and Customer Managers who would like to understand the composition of the eCommerce market within the Netherlands and the position of their company within. The solution provides businesses and advanced analytics teams with data delivery or an easy to read set of reports that highlights their market position compared to that of the overall market.

Benchmarking your business against other companies helps to understand how well you are performing compared to others in the market. It enables you to identify opportunities or threats and alter strategies accordingly.

The Benefits for You

  • Identify current opportunities and threats within the eCommerce market and pro-actively alter strategies
  • Understand if there is a particular part of the portfolio that is performing different
  • Empower Customer Managers to identify opportunities based on sector, location, risk and age of customers
  • Looks at specific time moments and trend analyses
  • Allows for internal and external insights

Defined sectors within eCommerce Insights

  • Payment providers
  • General retail
  • Finance
  • Clothing
  • Auto
  • Other

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How does it work?

The reporting is based on credit applications within the Dutch eCommerce market. The eCommerce transactional base has multiple dimensions. Trends of all these dimensions are shown over time and different combinations will be generated to provide a holistic view.

Reports or data can be used for single exercise only or as continuous support to your strategy by providing regular updates

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