Consumer Credit Risk Assessment

Credit Check

Whether you are prospecting new customers, decisioning a loan or striving to retain more of the customers you want, the foundation of making the best credit decisions rests on utilizing the best data. At Experian, data is the foundation of what we do, and that starts with our credit profile.

The Experian Credit Check is a safe online solution with which you can quickly decide, based on reliable data, whether you want to accept a consumer or not. You search by name and address and the data is immediately available. You can also link the Credit Check to your systems so that you can make a responsible decision automatically. The Credit Check is mainly used in the Telecom, Utility, Automotive, Retail and Real Estate sectors.

Minimize your risk

By using the Credit Check in your acceptance process you minimize your risk of default. This way you not only reduce your bad debts, you also save on collection costs. Moreover, you prevent consumers from purchasing products or services that they cannot afford.

What makes the Experian Credit Check unique?

  • Online access to a large consumer data database
  • Insight into creditworthiness and payment behavior of consumers
  • Check large numbers of consumers quickly and effectively
  • Fewer depreciations, reduction of bad debt and collection costs
  • Easy to integrate into your systems via an XML link


Check within 1 second your customers e-identity, fraud risks and creditworthiness

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