Digital Decisioning Platform

Marketswitch Optimisation

Maximise the benefit of every customer interaction

Marketswitch Optimisation is a simple solution in a world where business infrastructures are complex, and customer expectations are becoming more difficult to meet.

At any point in the customer lifecycle, from acquisition right through to debt management, Marketswitch Optimisation can help your business to evaluate competing goals and priorities and deliver customer-centric, personalised solutions.

Regardless of your business constraints, Marketswitch Optimisation will determine the best solution that delivers maximum value.

What are the benefits?

  • Grow profits with intelligent pricing and revenue management strategies
  • Increase response and take up rates
  • Reduce costs through improved efficiencies
  • Quantify and manage risk, profit and revenue goals across stakeholders
  • Evaluate multiple scenarios, examine the trade-offs and determine which strategy is best
  • Execute strategies at an individual customer level
  • Adapt to and satisfy regulatory constraints while optimising profits
  • Turn insights from analytical activity into profitable decisions

How does it work?

  • You can deploy Marketswitch Optimisation software either as a batch process via flat files or database tables, real-time calls or strategy trees.
  • Our team of experts can support you along the way as you transition to using Marketswitch Optimisation, providing detailed training and handover.
  • It can be scaled to solve huge optimisation problems including Big Data scenarios.

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