eCommerce Fraud Risk and Protection

eCommerce Check

Do you regularly deal with customers who do not pay, do not return items or say they have never received them? It is a common problem in eCommerce and other fast moving industry sectors. Despite the fact that it is becoming easier to verify good credit, zip code and customer checks, there are still web retailers who have a large cost item. Fraud is part of the eCommerce business.

Experian offers a fast, simple and unique solution: the eCommerce Check. A product that distinguishes itself from other products in terms of performance, speed and reliability. Within 1 second you can check your customer e-Identity, fraud risks and creditworthiness.

Three modules

eCommerce Check is available in three modules:

  • Light module
  • Basic module
  • Advanced module
  • Depending on the module you chose, we provide a score and offer a number of information fields with customer indicators, with which you can predict the credit risk of payment in arrears as well as possible fraud.

Benefits of eCommerce Check

  • You can easily integrate eCommerce Check into your web store via a standard XML / SOAP link
  • You use an eCommerce optimized score, with which you can easily adjust your cut-off rate for post-payment
  • You can verify the identity and age of a customer to prevent identity fraud
  • You have more profit by limiting the risk of default and fraud
  • You decide on the basis of the most complete data set in the Netherlands
  • You do not have to hand over the invoice; as a web store you remain the owner of the customer
  • You comply with Section 7:26 of the Dutch Civil Code by offering payment in arrears

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